Sermons From Harbour

Who is “God” in a multi-faith world?

February 29, 2020

This is the first of six sessions in our "Advanced Christianity for Beginners" course.

Fancy some spring theological learning and conversation? Have questions about God, faith and what it all means? Inspired by Jesus but wary of churches?

All too often, what passes for “Christianity” today bears little resemblance to the actual life and teachings of its central figure. Over all the clamour of loud, brittle and dogmatic religion, it can be hard to even find the space to think for yourself and find your own way home.

Over the six weeks of Lent 2020, Harbour invites you to join us as we revisit some of Christianity’s core convictions, and together rediscover a more considered, hopeful and authentic faith for today's world.

Week 1: Who is “God” in a multi-faith World?
Week 2: Scripture and “The Word” of God
Week 3: Prayer, Worship and the Church
Week 4: Gender, Sexuality and Desire
Week 5: Sin, Forgiveness and the Cross
Week 6: Heaven, Hell and the Afterlife

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